Recent Reviews

"I have been eating at the Chandni Restaurant since they first opened in Culver City in 1992. As a seasoned diner of Indian vegetarian food, I must say this is the best service, most delightful menu, tastiest dishes available in Los Angeles or perhaps anywhere in the United States. I would eat at Chandni every day if I could live next door (to them.)" - Sybil Blazej,
. (Sybil with Chandni staff, Maheesh and Tony.)

"We recently catered from Chandni for a dinner party of 18 and they did a great job! Food was fantastic and our guests were raving. Kumar was great to work with and helped me pick a nice selection of dishes. I will definitely cater from them again." - Sheiva H., Santa Monica, CA.

"The buffet is a big draw at lunch time, very inexpensive, with several hot dishes, plus rice, chapati, salad, raita and dessert. All vegetarian fare; also serving wine and beer. Twice a year, the owner puts on a FREE buffet, on Krshna's birthday in late summer and on 24 December. How great is that? I've been eating at Chandni for more years than I can count, starting at their old location on Main Street in Culver City—but their location on Wilshire in Santa Monica is still convenient for me." - Barry G., Los Angeles, CA.

"I am a sucker for a good dal, so it's no surprise that my favorite item on the menu is just that: the char dal. It's a combination of several kinds of lentils stewed together in a spicy sauce. So good! I also like the urad, which is a spicy Indian black bean dish... Another positive thing about Chandni is the price is right. " - LA Vega N., Santa Monica, CA.

"My boyfriend and I recently dined at Chandni for dinner and we very were impressed with food. The service was great and the food was delicous. My boyfriend is not vegetarian and before eating at Chandni, he did not care for Indian food. Well, Chandni changed his mind. We will definitely come here again and I've already recommended the restaurant to other people." - Lo C., Los Angeles, CA.

"If you’re looking for authentic vegetarian North Indian food from the Punjab region, Chandni is the place to experience it. The Kunar Family makes homemade cheese on premises, will customize the spice level of your dishes, and even create vegan versions of your favorites. Known for their excellent service, desire to please their patrons and of course their food, eating at Chandni may not be the most glamorous meal you’ve had but it’s sure to be memorable for all the right reasons." - CBS Los Angeles,

"We keep forgetting we're eating at a vegetarian restaurant when we dine at Chandni, so satisfying and varied is its menu of more than six dozen different Indian dishes." - Gayot,

Past Reviews

Happy customers "Dining at Chandni is like having a meal with your good friend who happens to be an excellent cook. Kumar, Mahesh and the rest of the staff treat me like family. The food is interesting and flavorful. The entire menu is so absolutely wonderful, I can pick any three dishes blindfolded—and be gratified." - Tally Y.

"After being seated at one of the booths, I was attended to by an exceptionally polite and pleasant waiter who quickly brought me an Indian iced tea and invited me to help myself from the very clean and well-presented buffet."

"The dishes here are delicately spiced, allowing you to add a touch of the spicy mint sauce should you have a penchant for a zestier dining experience. The basmati rice was fresh and fluffy, and the spinach was perfectly textured with an aromatic quality that I suspect was cumin-based, with the paneer (Indian cheese) melting in the mouth as so it should. There are vegan options as well." - Santa Monica Mirror. Entire review.

"This has been my favorite local Indian restaurant for many years." -

"Great vegetarian food at a reasonable price." -

"I have been going to Chandni for the past 15 years and I love it. Not only is the food prepared in a peaceful way with mellow Indian music and mantras playing, but the food is delicious!" -

"Outstanding veggie restaurant. I have repeatedly traveled to India, and can say that their food tastes authentically homemade. This place is a real treasure." -

"I love this place. I have been going here for years. Growing up in an Indian family, I know what good Indian food is..." -

"Tom's order of Alu Saag, with its cooked mustard greens and potatoes in fresh ginger, garlic, cumin, and fresh tomatoes, sounded like an unlikely combination, but it was perfection in seasoning. When the meal was over, the dish was practically licked dry." - Vegetarians In Paradise


"I love this place. I have been going here for years. Growing up in an Indian family, I know what good Indian food is..." - Citysearch

"Chandni continues to be our our favorite Indian restaurat since they were originally in Culver City many years ago. The food is tasty and healthy. The lunch buffet is an excellent value. Kumar and his staff are friendly. Chandni is a watering hole for a lot of regulars." - menupages

"We can afford everything on the menu... No matter how many times a thali is set before you, it's always a thrilling moment... This is a sensible way to eat." - Jennie Douglas